Social and Emotional Groups

TLC is proud to continue our ongoing Social and Emotional Groups for children ages 6 to 16. These social and emotional skills groups are led by TLC psychologists and/or social workers with years of experiences providing individual and group counseling to children of all ages.

Using role plays and activities in a structured peer group, your child will build strong social and emotional skills. Some goals we will work on include:

Developing positive peer relationships

  • Managing anger
  • Dealing with mistakes
  • Flexibility
  • Reading body language
  • And more!

Our counseling team also offers a Dance and Movement Therapy (DMT) Group for preschool through school age children

Based on the empirically supported premise that the mind and body are interconnected, Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) uses movement to further the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual. Movement behavior as it emerges within the therapeutic relationship, is expressive and communicative, and is a primary focus in group treatment. Our DMT groups provides opportunities for self-expression, creativity, connection to others, and gaining a deeper sense of one’s internal feeling states and external preferences for relating to the world.  Group therapy can help increase an individual’s social skills of practicing empathy, self-control, and understanding towards others.

Presenting concerns/focus for the group:

  • Anxious/depressive symptoms- irritability, sadness, difficulty concentrating, inflexibility
  • Deficits in expression/communication- shyness, hypervigilance, anxiety, difficulty expressing needs.
  • Emotional dysregulated behaviors (e.g. tantrums, unanticipated anger, difficulty with transitions or change)

For more information about our Social and Emotional Groups, please contact us.