One Hour Screenings for ADHD, Autism, Reading, or Math

In one hour, our licensed clinicians will assess your child and offer recommendations for more comprehensive evaluations if indicated.

Age Range:

  • ADHD: 6 years (after 1st quarter of 1st grade) to Adult

  • Autism: 3 years – Adult

  • Reading or Math: 5 years to 21 years

The Process for the Screenings Include:

  • Children complete a short assessment in reading and math. Parents complete a brief survey on autism and ADHD.

  • Clinicians observe the child in their office or in our open play areas.

  • Clinicians will score the assessment or survey and integrate their observations into a brief report.

  • Clinicians will share their insights with the parent and provide recommendations for testing if needed.

For more information about our One Hour Screenings or to make an appointment, please contact us.