Why TLC for counseling? Individual, family, and group counseling sessions with a licensed therapist can help children reduce the of symptoms of anxiety or depression, develop better self-esteem, learn new coping skills, improve social skills, and learn how to communicate more effectively. Through the development of these skills children, teens, and young adults can develop more positive peer relationships, improve their functioning at school or work, and improve their relationships with family members and peers. Preschool age children often benefit from play-based and expressive therapies, as play is their method of communicating and processing their thoughts and feelings. For school-age children, they often benefit from a combination of play-based and cognitive behavioral approaches.

When a child’s self-esteem is affected, or when anxiety or depression emerges, he or she may begin to withdraw from home or school and may begin to experience physical symptoms or pain. This can affect their ability to attend school and they may experience test anxiety significant enough to have an impact on performance. These feelings and behaviors can also affect how they relate to and interact in their family. At times like this, it can be very helpful for children to receive counseling to address their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through therapeutic play, expressive therapy, and the development cognitive behavioral skills, children can improve their self-image and learn coping strategies to manage the feelings they experience, thereby mitigating any negative consequences to their academic performance, or family and social interactions.

Our therapists work with individuals and families to develop a treatment plan with specific goals. Using evidenced-based approaches, we provide therapeutic support to help individuals discover their “best self” and improve their ability to cope with challenges that come their way. Our therapist work with families to improve the family’s functioning. We also provide parent consultations to help families develop best strategies to working with children with emotional difficulties or dysregulated behavior.

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