Help Others Hear

Thank you supporting TLC’s Help Others Hear Fund and giving the gift of hearing.

Imagine being a child in school and not being able to adequately hear teachers. Or being at work, hoping you can read lips in meetings. Or not hearing grandchildren giggling. At TLC’s Family Hearing Center, we understand that hearing is a necessity, not a luxury. Hearing aids are not covered by insurance like other critically needed medical devices. Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids, and most private insurance companies provide minimal, if any, coverage.

In 2008, we created Help Others Hear to provide new hearing aids to people who could not otherwise afford them.

Since the program’s inception, generous donors have given over $250,000 to change the lives of individuals in our community by giving them the gift of hearing. You can help change someone’s life with your most generous, tax-deductible donation to Help Others Hear.

“I have suffered from hearing loss for many years. Reading lips, laughing at jokes I could not hear, and pretending I could hear others talking became a way of life for me. I knew I needed hearing aids but could not afford the cost of purchasing them. Then I heard about TLC’s Help Others Hear Program. I met with an audi-ologist and found that I was eligible for hearing aids at no cost. Words cannot describe my new hearing world. I am able to perform better at work and have more meaningful conversations with coworkers and my family now that they don’t have to shout for me to hear them. Being able to better hear the sound of my grandchildren’s voices and laughter has been an especially meaningful gift. Thank you TLC, for your program and helping people like myself hear again!”
– Margaret, Family Hearing Center patient

“Thanks to the “Helping Others Hear” program I got new hearing aids and I love them! Before I got new aids I was embarrassed to be seen wearing these huge bulky and very noticeable hearing aids. They were very sensitive to loud noise, which made my hears hurt, a lot! So that made me want to never wear them. But when my mom found this program, I was finally able to get better hearing aids. The best part about them is that they don’t hurt when there’s loud noise, and they’re so small and barely noticeable! I wear them all the time and I’m hearing new sounds like conversations behind me, birds chirping, and people across the street talking! It’s amazing! I want to thank TLC and its kind donors who gave the money for my new hearing aids! It made a big difference in my life and I LOVE hearing!”
– Jessica, High School Student

For more information, please contact TLC’s Director of Development, Teresa Witt at or 301.424.5200 x155.

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