Process and Procedures

The Katherine Thomas School (KTS) has a rolling admissions policy. Students may be referred through local school districts or apply privately. Tuition and fees for students placed by local school jurisdictions are covered by that district.

The Katherine Thomas School application process takes approximately two weeks from start to finish.

Step 1

Parents or school district express interest in KTS.

Step 2

Admissions Director invites parent(s) to an Open House or school visit.

Step 3

Application or referral packet submitted.

Step 4

Application has initial review.

If initial criteria are met, the application is reviewed by the Admissions Team.

Step 5

Admissions Team determines whether KTS can meet the needs of the student.

Step 6

The lower, middle, or high school student is invited for a two-day visit to the school. Preschool students are invited for a one-day visit.

Step 7

Admissions Team observes students during the visit.

Step 8

After reviewing feedback, the Admissions Team makes the acceptance decision.

Interested Parents

Interested parents should contact the Admissions Director and attend an Open House. Personal tours can be arranged.

  • The completed KTS Inquiry for Admissions Form and Consent to Use Email form should be submitted with the Parent Evaluation Form and the $125 application fee.
  • Current psychological and educational tests are required. Reports may be submitted with the application or sent directly from professionals to the Admissions Director. We recommend a psychological evaluation within two years of the date of the application and an educational evaluation within one year.
  • Other relevant tests and reports (speech/language, occupational therapy, etc.) must be submitted if a student is currently or has previously received these services.
  • The child’s present teacher should be asked to complete and submit the Teacher Evaluation Form.

For more information on our admissions policy, please contact us to schedule a visit to our school or RSVP for an Open House.

We look forward to meeting you and your child.