About Us

The Family Hearing Center serves all ages, from newborn infants to seniors. Adults and children at the Family Hearing Center experience personal attention and individualized care in a comfortable, professional, safe and friendly environment. Our approach ensures flexibility in providing solutions for each individual. Learn more about our audiologists, our programs, our resources for patients, and how to make an appointment and prepare for your visit.

TLC audiologists frequently hear from our patients that relationships with family and friends suffer when hearing loss is not managed. According to a Johns Hopkins study, an estimated 26.7 million Americans aged 50 and older have a hearing loss but only about 1 in 7 use a hearing aid (Source: Hearing View, March 2012).

We strongly believe in our role as a community resource for information on hearing loss and offer educational programs, complimentary screenings and consultations, workshops, and seminars to community groups and organizations throughout the year. Our Help Others Hear program provides hearing aids to those who could otherwise not afford them.

We look forward to meeting you!