Annual Reports

At The Treatment and Learning Centers (TLC), we are excited to reflect upon and share our accomplishments and successes achieved for those we serve and their families in the DC metro region. Creating and publishing our Annual Reports allows us the opportunity to pause each year and reflect on our involvement in, and dedication to, our communities.


2019 Annual Report


2019 Annual Report


2019 Annual Report


2018 Annual Report


2017 Annual Report


2016 Annual Report


2015 Annual Report


2014 Annual Report


2013 Annual Report


2012 Annual Report


2011 Annual Report

Within the pages of our Annual Reports, you will find mentioned our strategic goals of expanding visibility, increasing donor participation, and strengthening TLC programming. These goals align with our vision of becoming a quality, leading-edge organization with collaborative relationships and plentiful resources for the many families and individuals we serve.

We believe that taking dedicated steps to progress toward our strategic goals will reinforce an already strong organization. We are always analyzing our challenges and making strategic decisions that support our mission while we continue to meet community needs.

TLC serves more than 2,000 children and adults annually with a wide range of special needs.

TLC’s professional staff have the utmost personal concern to provide the best therapy, education, support and care possible.

As an organization, we are dedicated to collaboration, community involvement, and taking the initiative to be on the forefront in the special needs field. These commitments ensure that we remain a strong, reliable, and trustworthy source of services and programming to the many families and individuals we serve.

Over the years, our collaborative and advocacy relationships have strengthened our organization and ensured better outcomes for individuals who rely on our programs. We continue this commitment to advocacy, research, and education.

Finally, we realize that fulfilling our mission would not be possible without the continued commitment of TLC Boards, staff, volunteers, and donors. As an organization, we could not have increased our visibility, strengthened and increased relationships throughout Montgomery County and beyond, and grown and expanded our programs to meet the population of those we serve without consistent and continuing support. We are so very grateful for our TLC Community.