Hosted by The Katherine Thomas School

Free and Open to the Public

Day and Time: 2/2/2021 at 7:00 PM
Location: Virtual, via Zoom
RSVP: January 29, 2021: Shelley McGinness, ktsworkshops@ttlc.org
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Setting Up a Workspace at Home for Distance Learning Success

Presenter: KTS Occupational Therapy Department
Canaan Brazzle
Jessica Brown, OTR/L
Laura Jean Michels-Graybeal, MS, OTR/L
Ashley Merola, MS, OTR/L
Kelly Williams, MS, OTR/L
Michelle Morris, MPT

It looks like school will still be virtual for at least part time for the immediate future. We understand that everyone does not have the ability to have a dedicated office for everyone at home trying to work or go to school. Let us help you with some ideas to make a more appropriate workspace for your child to succeed at home during distance learning. We have some ideas for alternative seating and desk space. We have thoughts on how to decrease the amount of distractions in your child’s immediate work space. We have some suggestions on how to support your child’s sensory needs as well as stretches to do to keep their back and necks flexible and pain free!