Play any of these games at the pool or at the beach or at home after a day out!


  1. Roll two dice, either add or subtract or multiply the two numbers (depending on the age of the student).
  2. Use a deck of cards and play WAR- again, depending on the age of the student, decide which is the larger number, or  the smaller number, or play two cards at once and either add them, subtract them or multiply them.
  3. Measure everything in sight  (pool toys, shells, height of the sand castle, etc) using a flexible measuring tape or another measure, and compare measurements.
  4. Buy a workbook and keep up your math skills by doing a page or two each day.
  5. Complete your summer math packet early!


  1. Listen to audio books (free from the library, or a paid subscription from a company like Audible) and talk about the story as it unfold, or act out the story.
  2. Research a favorite topic, just for fun, and talk about it or write about it.
  3. Read the book and then watch the movie — decide which you like better and discuss why.
  4. Get your summer reading assignment done early so you have time to read a book you’ve been wanting to read!


  1. Write a journal each day of what you did that day and how you felt, draw a picture to go along with the activity.
  2. Ask each family member one question a day (e.g.what is your favorite food, and why) and write about the responses.
  3. Write directions for someone from another country (or planet, or solar system) to do something you think is simple– make a sandwich, play a game, etc.
  4. Write and illustrate a comic book about a new superhero.