Preparation for the first day of school is key in reducing stress for both the parent and child. Here are tips for a smooth transition into the school year. Following these tips should ease anxiety, but remember to encourage positive attitudes – This will be a great new class and new school year!!!

school supplies

Gather school materials, lunch box, etc.

Check the teacher’s notes for items to bring for the student and for the class.

Set up a place for homework, backpack, lunch box – easy to grab on the way out the door.

kids closet, girl

Gather school clothes

Check to see if they fit, are clean, and will be comfortable for the first day.

kids desk

Set up a place for homework at home

Desk, chair, light, supplies, clock, and a daily schedule for homework.

waking up, bed

Practice the morning routine now so it’s comfortable the first day

Set a visual schedule of wake up time, wash up time, breakfast time, time to leave the house.

bus, schoolbus

Practice the trip to school

Drive the route, whether the students will be on the bus, walking, or driving to decrease any anxiety about how long it will take, and what they will see along the way.


Schedule a playdate

Meet a friend who will be in the class, if possible, before the first day, so there is a familiar face.